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A H I M S A 
H E A L I N G 

Pranic Healing, Energetic and Yogic Technology 

Trust the magic of this healing modality and watch your life transform.



Hello, my name is April. I began studying energy as a child. I am a fifth generation energy healer and intuitive raised by a tribe of elders who believed strongly in energy, frequency, alchemy and esoterism. I am a Pranic Healing practitioner and a Reiki Master. 

I received my first official training in Pranic Healing as a young teenager, from Master Choa Kok Sui, more than 33 years ago. I also received attunements to Usui Reiki from two different Reiki Masters in Japan over a decade ago and have since studied with several Reiki Master Instructors from different regions.

I am absolutely dedicated and passionate about my work in assisting others on their own healing journey. I am now offering one-on-one sessions to assist in making life changes towards a spiritually inclined lifestyle these are sessions which include Pranic Healing in the field of Psychotherapy which alleviates emotional and psychological ailments, Pranic Crystal Healing, Chakra balancing, deep Cord Cutting, Intuitive Spiritual Guidance and Meditation. I also use Sound Therapy, Tantric Numerology and Yogic Technology. 

I believe that a deeper more connected lifestyle is holistic in practice. It is a combination of working on the earthly plane as well as the energetic one. Heal the soul first; then healing of the mind and body will follow. This transition to a guided path requires visualizing yourself well, shifts in diet, hydration, detoxification, energy clearing, movement, pranayama, prayer and self love.

"We can confidently change
all poison into medicine"

Daisaku Ikeda


You can create a life of true abundance, love and beauty and I can show you how

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